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Have you heard the call to serve God through His people? Do you feel the urgent need to go into the world with His love? Do you feel inside of you the desire to do and to be more?...With VOICA, you will have the opportunity to spend a beautiful time in your life serving others.

A VOICA volunteer is a person who is single or married, at least 21 years old, in good mental and physical health, responsible, with a great love for the poor. He or she wants an experience of human and spiritual growth and community prayer, and is led by a great spirit of solidarity and service. A volunteer is flexible and leads a simple lifestyle, willing to adapt by giving up many of the comforts of home, is open-minded and able to work with people from from different countries, respecting the culture of the host country.

VOICA Volunteers come from all parts of the world - Italy, Australia, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Ukraine, India, America, and more.

VOICA offers both a summer short-term immersion in a missionary project and the possibility for long-term international volunteer service (6 months or 1, 2, or 3 years) in Togo, Congo, Uganda, Albania, Indonesia , Angola, Paraguay and Brazil.

The main areas of service are those of the Canossian Charisma:



Destination: Togo - Agoè
Dispensary Saint Josephine Bakhita

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Pharmacists

  • Therapists, Laboratory Technicians and
    any other health care workers.

  • For the short-term trips from 2 weeks to 1 month, or long-term for 1, 2 or more years. Anyone interested can contact our VOICA Office: voica@voica.org

    Short Term Volunteers...

    Volunteers spend 4-6 weeks during the summer in a Canossian mission.

    The type of work varies depending on the project, but, in general, includes:

    • organization of summer camps for children, adolescents and youth
    • construction or renovation of houses, churches, wells, etc.
    • activities with the poor

    If you want to participate in a summer mission project:

  • contact our VOICA Office voica@voica.org;
  • fill out the registration form and send it to our office;
  • participates in our training sessions to prepare and form a group with the other volunteers who will leave for the same mission;
  • complete basic language traning;
  • fundraise to support the assigned project.
  • Long Term Volunteers...

    CONTACT our VOICA Office

    Long Term Volunteers spend one or two years on a Canossian mission. The type of work varies depending on the project, but the main areas of focus are:

    • Education
    • Health Care
    • Pastoral Activities

    Currently there are communities of long term VOICA volunteers in Togo (hospital), Congo (bakery, library, cyber-cafe, school) and Brazil (educational programs for children).

    Every volunteer is part of the CHARISMATIC Canossian spirit which is free service to the poor.

    If you are interested in becoming a long term volunteer you can fill out the preliminary form.


    VOICA Volunteers participate in a process of formation, discernment and service that helps them to be prepared for mission, as well as to be an active member of the Church and society in accordance with the values of VOICA.

    The stages of this journey are:

    Initial discernment

    After an initial contact with the Office VOICA by sending in the preliminary form, the volunteer receives, fills out and sends in the VOICA request. Then begins an ongoing dialogue with the VOICA staff which will determine if the candidate is eligible to serve in a mission, in which case VOICA will give instructions about the logistics.

    The Volunteer must prepare all necessary documents: references and a medical examination showing good mental and physical health. Once accepted, the volunteer and VOICA staff remain in contact during the period in which the volunteer prepares for departure from home to Rome.

    Training in Rome

    The volunteer will participate in a training course of about three months at the VOICA house in Rome. During this period, discernment continues regarding the suitability of the candidate to missionary service with VOICA.

    Service in the mission

    The volunteer will serve in a Canossian mission, living in community with other VOICA volunteers. During this period, the volunteer receives the support of the local community and VOICA staff in Rome.


    At the end of service in the mission, the volunteer will return to Rome for a post-mission session during which the returning volunteer will be helped to re-process the experience and prepare for his/her returning home.

    Throughout the journey the volunteer and the VOICA staff work together in a spirit of faith and service.

    Food, lodging, COSTS:

    Although the decision to serve in the mission comes from the heart and spirit, it is necessary to address practical issues. Where will you live? What are your expenses? What happens if you get sick?

    The information below is as detailed as possible, but remember that life in the mission requires flexibility and trust in God.


    During the training period you will live in a community with other volunteers in the VOICA house in Rome. The house is located within the facility run by the Canossian Sisters, near St. Peter's square and the Vatican. Community life is coordinated by the Head of Training of volunteers.

    During mission you will live in a community with other volunteers in a house located near the community of the Canossian Sisters. The type of housing varies according to country, but your safety is always guaranteed. Remember that part of the mission is to live in solidarity with the people you're serving, and therefore, your home should reflect this attitude.


    During mission: As a member of the community, you need to participate in the shopping and cooking. VOICA provides a monthly allowance to cover the cost of food.


    VOICA provides:

  • accommodation in Rome during the training period, the only free for volunteers (family and friends who wish to visit must make an offering to benefit the mission);
  • the opportunity to learn the language necessary in mission;
  • the flight from Rome to the mission country and the return to Rome, and the flight back home for those who serve at least two years;
  • accommodation during mission;
  • a small monthly stipend to cover the expenses of the community in mission;
  • health and accident insurance while you're in mission.
  • The volunteer is responsible for:

  • a contribution of at least $ 2,000.00 (two thousand) to support their mission (Volunteers often make collections in their parish and among friends, colleagues and acquaintances and easily collect this sum and more);
  • the journey to Rome;
  • food and health insurance during the months of training in Rome;
  • international mandatory vaccinations depending on the destination;
  • personal expenses such as phone calls, internet, personal hygiene products, etc.
  • Your personal expenses will depend greatly on your choices during training as well as in mission. If you live in a spirit of solidarity and simplicity you will not need much.