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Projects for 2011

In 2011, VOICA will concentrate on the following mission projects:

  • Ariwara volunteers house.

    Provide a space for VOICA volunteers in the Canossian mission of Ariwara so as to promote the quality of their service, made available some of the rooms for the local hospital medical staff.
  • Scholarship in Togo.

    The education system in Togo suffers from a number of problems... Currently about 90% of children start primary school and on average 50% drop out before completing their fourth year, without knowing how to read or write. The situation is particularly serious in rural areas and especially for girls. Convinced that the development of Africa depends above all on education, VOICA is committed to this project to pay the school fees for a group of students in primary and secondary schools identified by our volunteers in mission. We provide textbooks and school supplies, and in some cases pay for their accommodations. We also collaborate with local teachers and schools involved in the project.
  • Maintenance of house volunteers in Dili-East Timor.

    This project concentrates on the collection of funds that provide for the maintenance and care of all the structures in our missions that we need to continue our work. Now in particular in Dili, East Timor, it is necessary to rebuild the roof and fix the rooms of the volunteers’ house, to continue to provide them with suitable lodging.

  • Surgical unit TOGO.

    This project aims to build a functional operating block in the clinic, beginning from the inside of the current operating room.

Summer Projects

The projects were conducted in the period from late July to late August 2012 for a period of about 25 days.


Uganda - Kampala: Assisted in the mission by helping in the pharmacy and preschool and visiting the sick.

RD Congo - Ariwara: Repainted the rooms of the hospital.

RD Congo - Aru: Built a sports field and helped in the construction of the mission’s library.

Togo - Lomè: Helped in the clinic, village programs, and the agricultural project.


Brazil - Piebetà/Praia Grande: Summer camp for children.

Paraguay - Encarnaciòn: Programs for children and mission work.


VOICA  will hold  its international  gathering in 2011 to thank  the Lord  for all accomplishments  during the last  five years  and  to get new  enthusiasm for the ideals that VOICA  holds  as a project carried  out  by the Institute to promote the spirit of gratuitous love  and missionary zeal among  volunteers.

The date of the Convention is August 8 - August 13, 2011.

The place of the Convention, once again, is Rome, Italy.

In line with the spiritual journey of our Congregation, the theme of the Convention will focus upon our care for the poor and their development.

The Convention will not be the only event that participants could attend in that period of time. Following this, 15-22 August, there will be the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain, which is open to all.  VOICA will enrole its volunteers who will request such a participation. Thus, the package could be very rich for someone who will eventually attend all events!


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Sponsor a volunteer in mission and your generosity will multiply!

By your contribution, you can participate in mission along with the volunteers, even if you cannot personally leave everything and go. With $100 per month you can provide a volunteer with the food, everything needed to live a simply but dignified, healthy life, and the opportunity to call their families a few times per year.

On request, the name of the adopted volunteer will be notified. For info contact our Office.