Poor with the poor...Together we can do great things

About us

"Many men and women from different countries and backgrounds have discovered in Magdalene the same gift of the Spirit that they’ve felt alive in their hearts. They have tried to respond to it with all their energy and with the uniqueness and richness of their cultures."




  • "Our dreams of changing the world... seem to be a utopia, but nevertheless our hope is still alive. This hope is the ability to see God in the midst of difficulties, to feel His presence that never abandons us, that fills our loneliness and accompanies our dreams. That is what I mean by providence..."

The President and Board of Directors

  • Sister Silvana Capretti
     Tel: +39 349 6448322
    Sister Annamaria Babbini
    General Vicar
  • Madre Rosangela Gianni
     Tel:+39 333 6177527
  • Claudio Fiorini
    President Volunteers Committee
     Tel: 338-9048505

Come with us...

A VOICA volunteer is a person who is single or married, at least 21 years old, in good mental and physical health, responsible, with a great love for the poor. He or she wants an experience of human and spiritual growth and community prayer, and is led by a great spirit of solidarity and service. A volunteer is flexible and leads a simple lifestyle, willing to adapt by giving up many of the comforts of home, is open-minded and able to work with people from from different countries, respecting the culture of the host country.


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We are looking for people with very generous hearts! Support our projects by contacting our office: voica@voica.org - a small sign of infinite love.


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For $25, you can become a member of the VOICA support team and receive the new 2011 VOICA membership card. It's easy! For more information or to become a supporter, contact voica@voica.org.